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Exploring Sustainable Practices: Students from Govt PG College, Nandanagar Ghat Chamoli visit Natural Fibre (Hemp & Nettle Unit) at Mangroli and Tefana Village at Nandakini Self Reliant Cooperative

Sreowshi Sinha

3/20/20242 min read


In an era where sustainability is paramount, educational institutions play a crucial role in fostering awareness and understanding of environmentally friendly practices. Our Partner Organization @AAGAAS recently hosted a field tour for the students under EDI Ahmedabad 12 days Devbhoomi Udhymita Vikas Yojana at Govt PG College Ghat - Chamoli. The field tour was successfully conducted by our Team Members to showcase the work being done by Nandakini Self Reliant Cooperative(Mangrouli Village) on Hemp & Nettle Natural Fibre. Under this Project, they visited our Cluster of Natural Fibre-based initiative (A joint venture of AAGAAS, Dist Industry Centre, Chamoli and Uttarakhand Bamboo and Fibre Board.

Exploring Natural Fibres:

The visit commenced with an immersive experience of the cultivation, processing, and utilization of hemp and nettle, two versatile and eco-friendly fibers. Students had the opportunity to witness firsthand the intricate processes involved in transforming raw fibers into various end products, ranging from textiles to eco-friendly packaging materials.

Understanding Sustainable Practices:

The excursion provided valuable insights into the sustainable practices adopted by local communities in Mangroli and Tefana villages. From organic farming techniques to eco-friendly processing methods, participants gained a comprehensive understanding of how these practices contribute to environmental conservation and community development.

Impact on Local Economy and Community:

One of the highlights of the visit was witnessing the positive impact of the Hemp and Nettle Industry on the local economy and community. By promoting indigenous knowledge and empowering local artisans, these initiatives not only create employment opportunities but also preserve traditional craftsmanship and cultural heritage, which our initiative of Hemp & Nettle Cluster under Alaknanda Himalaya Ecosustain Lab focuses upon.

Promoting Environmental Stewardship:

Through interactions with farmers, artisans, and entrepreneurs involved in the natural fiber industry, students gained a deeper appreciation for the importance of environmental stewardship. They learned about the role of hemp and nettle cultivation in carbon sequestration, soil rejuvenation, and biodiversity conservation, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Educational Significance:

The exposure visit catalyzed interdisciplinary learning, bridging theoretical knowledge with practical experience. By engaging with real-world examples of sustainable practices, students were able to contextualize their academic learning and develop a holistic understanding of environmental issues and solutions.


The exposure visit of Govt PG College, Nandanagar Ghat Chamoli to the Natural Fibre (Hemp & Nettle Unit) at Mangroli and Tefana villages exemplifies the institution's commitment to promoting sustainable development and environmental consciousness.

By immersing students in experiential learning opportunities, such initiatives not only enhance their academic journey but also inspire them to become responsible stewards of the environment. As we continue to navigate towards a greener future, endeavors like these pave the way for a more sustainable and equitable society.